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Scotland's double first: tidal array and twin-bladed offshore wind turbines | 02nd Sep 2014
In Scotland two innovative renewable energy projects are moving forward: Britain's first tidal power array, and the world's first deployment of two-bl

Arizona town to get solar wind energy tower | 02nd Sep 2014
The small Arizona border town of San Luis will be the site of the first Solar Wind Energy Tower installation in the world. The Solar Wind Downdraft T

ReGen Powertech to launch over 2 MW wind turbine | 22nd Aug 2014
ReGen Powertech plans to come out with turbines with a capacity of 2 MW and higher in early 2016, an official reportedly said Wednesday. "ReGen

Rhode Island named leader of offshore wind energy | 22nd Aug 2014
Rhode Island is leading the nation’s pursuit of offshore wind power, according to a recent report by the National Wildlife Federation. &ldq

India ranked 5th amongst top 10 wind power producers: Report | 19th Aug 2014
By adding 1,700 MW capacity in 2013, India ranked fifth amongst top ten wind power producers in the world.In terms of annual investment in the wind en


"Forecasting of wind power generation is desirable from grid management and stability point of view. ", Dr. Jami Hossain, Co-founder, WindForce Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
Reporter : Could you give us a brief introduction of your company’s activities in the wind sector? Dr. Jami Hossain:  WinDForce Management

EnerKite sets new benchmarks in Airborne Wind Energy
Most of today’s wind turbines supply their rated output less than a quarter of time. EnerKites is all set to deliver rated power onshore and off

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